What is Hateress?


Noun: A female hater, to a degree above the common case. Typically a female who would talk foul of another female because she secretly desires but lacks the qualities of that person.

This can also be applied to a male in a derogatory way, equating him to being a jealous bitch.

Hateress 1: "Oh my god, Becky, look at her butt! It's just so big! It's disgusting! She must be one of those rap guy's girlfriends..."

Hateress 2: "I know. Yuk."

Hateress 1: "Come on, Becky, let's go snort some coke and throw up out lunch now."

Hateress 2: "K."

See hater, bitch, wannabe, jealous, jelly, haterade


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