What is Hayfield?


A humongous secondary school (grades 7-12) with Virginia's largest gym located in Fairfax County, VA, but an official address of Alexandria/Kingstowne. Used to be like the third biggest in the County and all of Virginia and had the biggest land-area school boundary in the County or something until 2005, when half of the 4000+ went to the new South County Secondary in Lorton. The building and half the kids used to be ghetto, the other half rich. Now, it's not ghetto anymore. It's WAY better than South County.

I go there too.

Dumb: Hayfield's got the best wrestling and lacrosse teams.

Jock: Duh.

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Where birds fly and hawks soar!

Dr Bill Orhlein is the principal of Hayfield

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A crappy ass school with out any ceilings that has some hot girls, but is characterized by the pipes dripping all kinds of shit on your head.

I went there

Hayfield is gay, the food tases like booty and i hate it

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