What is Hei?


to say hello in Norwegian.

hei you, get ur ass over here.

See hello, sup, hey, hi, how ya doin


Hei, noun deriving from the word 'shie'. Something that is far from decent, ie crap.

"Thats a pile of hei"

"Your chat is hei"

"Your mams hei"

See shit, shie, high, rubbish, bad


How to say, "Hey," In Romanian.

"Hei, tu, ce-ti doresti?"

See hey, hei, romanian, romana


A way for fags who believe they are "tr00" or "krieg" to say hello. Usually used by non-norwegian/romanians therefore making them sound like complete tossers.

"Yo dude"




See hei, hail, fag, tosser, wanker, twat, hey, hello


High-Explosive Incindiary

THe A-10's GAU-8 is capable of carrying many 30mm ammunitions, including DU and HEI rounds.


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