What is Herkimer?


a village where people are so dumb that they don't even know which war was fought where they live.

"Which war was fought in Herkimer again? Revolutionary or civil?"

"Civil, definitely."

"Are you sure?"

"Oh yeah. Civil."

"Many major battles in the Revolutionary war..NOT THE CIVIL WAR... were fought in and around Herkimer."

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a small town in upstate new york that has nothing exciting or fun. its pretty lame.

herkimer is booooring.

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a place where nothiiiing exciting EVER happens, except the civil war. forever ago.

the only things to do are go to walmart and coffee bar(bongos place).

the only way you would ever like it here is if youre a civil war buff or drug addict, and even then probably not.

the winters too cold and the summers too hot, just like natale stranges.

"hey where are you from?"


"where the fuck is that?!"

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