What is Ho-chi?


The art of fighting a ho uses. sort of like ti-chi but not

Man: babe we need to talk

HO: dont mess wit me i know Ho-Chi

See none, i, dont, have, any


That fucking crack... the best and most accessible chinese food restaurant in the D.C. Howard University Drew Hall area. Containing the best MAMBO MUMBO??? Sauce. However, many are discouraged from eating there because of rumors that involve the rats that roam the area and its bad surrounding atmosphere.Originally called Howard China.

I'm bout to hit up Ho-Chi and get me three wings with fries, mambo sauce on everything and a large Mix.

Ayo... call up Ho-Chizzle and order me a whole cheese steak two fries wit mambo sauce and two large mixes.

See ho-chi, mambo sauce


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