Hofstra Red

What is Hofstra Red?


A rare strain of herpes unique to the nastiest of the nasty students attending Hofstra University.

Shaniqua is a nasty bitch, I heard she's got the Hofstra Red


Although commonly mistaken as an STD, Hofstra Red is a shortened version of "Hofstra Red Tape" something 99% of students encounter. The Hofstra Red (Tape) refers to the fact that Hofstra University is a large beaurocracy seemingly intent on making your life more difficult and making it impossible to graduate in 4 years. Be it payment of tuition or transfer of credits, you have a high chance of catching "The Red" if you ever talk to anyone in Admissions.

Student 1: How's registering for next semester going?

Student 2: I had to sleep with the Dean of Admissions

Student 1: At least that will clear up your Hofstra Red

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