What is Hon?


Short for honey, a term of endearment

"Hey hon, thanks for the flowers!"


The psychological disorder in which a teenager is physically and emotionally attached to a child the age of 6 or below.


The Asian equivalent of pedobear.

Dude, stop visiting the kiddie park, do you have hon or something? You should get it checked out.


Hon said "I swear she said she was at least in elementary school"

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Traveling into Baltimore city, dundalk and essex areas of Maryland the language becomes exaggerated and sometimes unbearable to hear. Elongated words and a twang can shock and disgust most who are not used this from of english. Though most Baltimorians stand proud and continue using the word.

I'm from B-more Hon!


shortened version of "honney" used affectionally toward another individual. This term is almost exclusively used in the Baltimore area, from which it derives.

Okay, I'll see ya later, hon!

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hone adj, n

hoes over niggas

someone who would rather spend time with their girl when they already planned to hang with the guys


unreliable girl wise

"Stop bein a hon and come hang out bruh"

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Hon stands for, Head of nob.

It is a term used as an insult or exclamation,

"your such a hon"

"hon it!"

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A third-person direct-object pronoun used when the gender of a person is unknown or when the person is a blend of genders such as a transvestite.

The baby needed surgery because hon had both kinds of genitals.

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