Honest To Blog

What is Honest To Blog?


A term that should be destroyed immediately. No explanation needed, just hearing makes you want to break something.

Honest to blog, don't fucking say it!

See honest to blog, honest, to, blog, juno


A seldom used phrase that hipsters can use to add to the credibility of a statement or check the credibility of another person's statement.

It is a play on the phrase "Honest to god" that refers to the fact that blogs have been reputed as fact checkers in recent years.

Example 1 -

I just avoided a crash on my way to work, honest to blog that was the closest I've ever come to death.

Example 2 -

Person 1: "I just got my second face lift in three years."

Person 2: "Honest to blog?"

Person 1: "Yea."

See blog, hipster, annoying, poser


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