Hxc Skater

What is Hxc Skater?


HxC is the slang term for: Hardcore.

It's a pretty hard style of music including low-tuned guitars, drums, bass and a singer who obviously sings but also screams (screamo) or grunts.

Skaters are oftenly teenagers who wear baggy clothing, New Era caps and shoes like All-Stars or Vanz.

These teenagers we're often found skating and/or Bmx'ing, and therefor they we're called Skaters.

You got two types of these ''Skaters,'' (Talking about the subculture; Skater) One group likes to listen to Hardcore/emocore/deathcore or anything and is a true skater and the other type are Chav's. Wannabe niggers, they want to be a part of every group and therefore they are imitating the subculture of rap and the subculture of rock, just to fit in with them both.

HxC Skater: Hey dude, Animosity is the shit!

Wannabe Skater: No dude, G-unit, niggers for life, Aaaiight peace!

HxC Skater: Wtf.

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