What is I Really Do Still Respect Females!?


This is what is commonly known as "a lie".

Male: I really Do still respect Females!

Jesus: Your going to hell for that lie!

See female, respect, maple syrup, aluminum


Don't take this shit serious, i don't really go around peein' in girls butts (unless they ask) I wouldn't give a girl an Emeril (look it up, funny) I have never laid a "Hot Carl" between some ladies boobies. I love girls and wouldn't do anything to hurt them.

My name is Coby and I really do still respect females!!


As long as they keep their fucking mouths shut for more than an hour. And as long as they don't dare to bring up some past event that occured years ago. And as soon as they learn to think before they speak. And as long as they learn to accept that males are and always have been the ones who propelled the human race from the Stone Age to what it is today.

Other than that, the females ain't getting any respect from me.


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