What is Iddict?


An individual who can't go 5 minutes without injecting themselves with some sort of visual or auditory stimuli, using any electronic device with a picture of a used apple on it.

Pssst...Hey!...Listen you iddict, we're trying to watch the movie and your icrap is friggn bright as hek. Put that thing away or I'll smack you in the ihead with this bowl of popcorn.

See ipod, icrap, itouch, iphone, imac, mac, cell phone, apple, texting, computer, gadget, pc, blackberry, windows, iphoney, nano, itunes, technology, mobile, app, music, 3g, ibrick, ipwned, internet, mobile phone, ilife, apps, mp3, text, isnob, powerbook, idork, jobs, ichat, pod, personal computer, bill gates, os x, itard, intel, google, zune, shuffle, mini, download, headphones, cd, facebook, twitter, myspace, tunes


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