What is Ie7?


IE7 is Microsoft's latest web browser. It is a clear rip off of Mozilla Firefox. Since its release there has so far been three security flaws, as opposed to 0 from Firefox 2.0.

IE7 is forced upon you by Microsoft'a Automatic Updates, although you can revert to the more flawed IE6 at a later date.

If IE7 is your only web browser head over to getfirefox to download Firefox 2 and re-discover the web.

Person 1: IE7 is sooo revoulotionary, with its tabbed browsing.

Person 2: Have you not heard of Firefox

Person 1: No, what is it?

Person 2: Mozilla's web browser that MS copied to release IE7.

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Stands for Internet Explorer 7. It is a much needed upgrade to the previous version, IE6. IE7 adds a simplified user experience, tabbed browsing, anti-phishing filters, instant search box, an improved favorites section, support for RSS feeds, page zoom, address bar protection, and parental controls.

In addition to these features it also goes a long way to conform to the W3 web standards such as CSS2 which many programmers complained about in IE6.

Jane and Joe installed IE7 instead of Mozilla Firefox.

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