What is Ikarasu?


Homosexual Man. From the Vietnamese word for "Gaping Anus".

That man on IRC soliciting for m2m sex is an Ikarasu.


Man(gay) who puts dick in peanut-butter. Also used to descibe someone who is fucking nuts.

That creepy guy is an Ikarasu.


Normal person-wannabee that likes to rape pokemon

<Nickokapo> go suck pikachu's cock o.O

<zandstra> ?•·File Server Online·•? Trigger..::/ctcp zandstra just 'toons, fool::.. Sending..::1/1::.. Waiting..::6/20::.. On server..::Spider-Man 2003, X-Men Evolution, and more.::.. Note..::Stay in channel to recieve files.::.. .•«UPP»•.

<Christian858> !list

<Ikarasu> been there, done that

See ^_^


The hottest guy on earth, he loves his asians, big titties and small, even thought his cock is small he still loves to try it out on some asians :D

<Ikarasu> I love asian boobies!!

See donatello, rooz


Most worstless waste of humanity ever.

<Ikarasu> Tee-hee i like kiddie pron and think i'm smart cuz i use t3h smiliez :| o.O;

See ^_^


Sexual accident that i wish never happend :< too bad im too cheap to buy condoms

The ikarasu came out of the slut

I wish i aborted KEKEKEKE


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