What is Illy?


Fresh, Cool,

His whole whole set was pretty illy

See Soledad


Fresh, fly, sweet, off tha chain

I'm so Illy - used in I'm Illy song by T.I.

in Paper Trail.

See fresh, krispy, fly, dope, bum


Sick, Dope, Cool

My new shirt is so illy.

See ill, dope, fresh, sick, cool


illy is a word that is recently used more in the hip-hop world. it could mean something is too good or very nice.

instead of saying "my watch is sick" which means my watch is very good, u can say "my watch is illy or ill"

See illy, ill, ily


slang for an Ecstacy pill

Hey Pookie you down to get some {illy}s tonight.

See ecstacy, pill, xo, skittle


A brand of coffee from Trieste, Italy.

"Illy has earned its reputation as the world's leading coffee authority"

See quentin


A form of PCP that can be sprinkled on a cigar (blunt) or a joint. Also can mean weed, or sometimes crack on a blunt. (Illy is for smoking)

I was in St.Jamestown (Toronto) and i was wit ma bois.. we was all chillin smokin wen this guy was all like

'ayoo wut tha dilly, sprinkly the illy on the philly'


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