Its On

What is Its On?


1. A term most often used when declaring war.

2. A term used when Something is about to happen.

1. De'Andre: I heard you was talkin bout me...

Leroy: Yeah, I was...You aint gone do nothin bout, so....

De'Andre: Oh I aint...?! Okay...Its On!!

2. Keisha: You goin to the E-40 concert?

Wanda: Yeah girl, Its On and poppin!!!

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a term commonly used when, after being served, you serve them back. once this is done, then ITS ON!

A:you just got served!

B:oh its ON

A:hey hey, its not on!

B:oh you better believe its ON!!

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1. use it instead of saying goodbye

2. use it when something's about to happen

Me: hey girl lets go to the club tonight

Friend: okay meet me there

Me: alright, its on * click *

Me: theres a fight!

Friend: oh shxt! i gotta see that.. k its on!

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a response to someone sayin they are leavin

P1: Ay dude, we up.

P2: Its on.

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