What is Jahi?


Technically "black" guy with a passion for white people, boys and girls. Known to be a "player". Enjoys skateboarding, biking, anything that helps him blend in. Often found in groups of shorter, skateboarding white guys. Intelligent but lazy. Smokes pot on "occasion" or when he's "just trying to have a little fun with his life!". Gosh. A decent athlete who's addicted to his Xbox. Oh word!

"I just saw Jahi in North Buffalo with a bunch of skaters!"

"Jahi just said "oh word" and I cracked up!"

See playa, cracker, cracka


male model. Preferred especially by Chae Hawk.

"Jahi's not a tool, he's a tool box!"

"Oh my god, did you see Jahi inthat new Chae Hawk photoshoot?

"Who's Chae Hawk?"


See model, gay, homo, tool, fruity


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