Jail Bate

What is Jail Bate?


a deceivingly hot girl who is underage and not available for sex. if you tried to have sex with her it would send you to jail.

guy 1-"Damn man look at that girl, shes fucking mad hot."

guy 2-"Dude dont think about it, shes jail bate."

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Jail BAIT for someone who can not pass a fourth grade spelling test

Did yu seey that gurl. Shee luked lyke Jail Bate!

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How a super horny teenager spells jail bait cuz he's getting ready to masterBATE.

That girl was super hot. Until we found out she was 14. Jail bate gets me every time!

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Jail-bait refers to someone, who is often promiscuous, that is under the age of consent. JAIL BATE refers to when a prisoner sticks his penis through the bars of his cell to be jerked by a prisoner in the neighboring cell. It's when hairy palms are expected and going blind is someone elses problem.

I'm in prison for messing around with jail bait, but now earn two cigarettes a day by giving jail bate to my neighbor.

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