Jarvis Cocker

What is Jarvis Cocker?


Lead singer of Pulp, phenominal lyricist, and personification of sex. Cocker is most infamously known for waggling his godly arse at Michael Jacksonduring the Brit Awards in 1996.

Jarvis Cocker is a god.


A musical icon, lead singer of Britpop band Pulp, who became popular in the 90's for his unique outlook on ordinary British life, his prolific songwriting skills, his trademark deep voice, and his unusual sense of humor. Recently released his first solo single, titled "The Cunts Are Still Running The World".

Jarvis Cocker: "You'll never live like common people. You'll never do what common people do. You'll never fail like common people. You'll never watch your life slide out of you and dance and drink and screw, 'cause there's nothing you can do."

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