What is Jasmin?


a term used for something extremely beautiful.

look outside its a jasmin day.

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Sexual and sensual, beautiful woman with an exotic touch.

A tall beautiful woman, with long dark curly hair, brown eyes and the body of a coke bottle, she gotto be a Jasmin.

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1. someone who throws away a pumpkin after being given as a "heart warming get-well after getting your tonsils removed" present

2. someone who finds time to read even with the amount of work her school gives her

3. someone who calls people names just for the heck of it

4. someone you meet at mcdonalds on a half day with her mom and sister and have a delightful conversation with them

5. someone who you bombard with valentines day grams and lollipops and more on valentines day

6. someone you get a hello kit cat for her bday by suprise by telling her that she's getting a real cat for her bday instead

7. someone who watches house...and wishes that show was as good as the oc..

8. iono.nt think of anymore

Ex. that girl jasmin, she's persian

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The only person that can own Ron. She is very tall, and she can own anything that she wants. She is also known as the

green giant, the pwner of pwn, the owner of own, and the "True Master of Ownage." She knows over 7 types of martial arts, and has mastered them to the degree that she teaches her sensei new moves. Her only weakness: Chuck Norris.

Ron: omg it's her! run!!!



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