What is Java-hipster?


A pretentious, bohemian wanna-be, who frequents various coffee shops. He loves to spout his artiste-poseur opinions loudly in everyday conversation to anyone who will listen, so that his strong opinions can be heard by random strangers that he pines to impress. Almost always knows less than he tries so hard to convey. Usually has a laptop hooked up to wi-fi, yet rarely if ever touches the keyboard. Prefers to sit outside at the sidewalk table if possible so that he can be seen by as many cool locals as possible. Prides himself of being hip as evidenced by donning the latest trendy, hipster, hair-do. i.e., dreadlocks, shaved head, etc...

The "java-hipster" raved loudly to his nose-ringed buddies about the latest Johnny Depp film as the irritated cafe patrons feigned a yawn in his direction to show obvious annoyance at his pathetic attempts to be heard by all.

See starbucks, bohemian, poseur, artiste, clown


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