What is Jazz?


The only truth left in music.

Jazz... man. I wish people actually appreciated music for what it does to you mentally, and not what the singer does for you sexually.

See DrumUltimA


If you gotta ask, you'll never know.

-Louis Armstrong, jazz trumpeter.


the coolest, freest, and yet deepest music humans have ever made

Listen to those crazy cats wailing out that sexy jazz.


The greatest, and yet least appreciated genre of music today among the general public.

The original spelling of the word was "jass."


A form of western music involving the fusion of traditional european and african (rhythmic) styles. Jazz is quite syncopated and fairly easily improvisable. Jazz could be considered a descendant of Ragtime, and a predecesor of Swing, Funk, and even Rock. Jazz originated from New Orleans as early as 1895, and remains one of the most popular forms of music today.

Listen to those crazzy cats wailing out that sexy jazz.


Jazz...the greatest musical genre there ever was, and ever will be. This music will always be the greatest. Jazz, along with Blues, and swing music, are all that is left of North American culture. Now, all that is left, is that shitty rap "music", if you even dare to call it that.

Frank Sinatra, Nina Simone, Sam Cooke...etc...


a modern (early 1900s) music style characterized by syncopation and dissonance.

contrary to popular belief, jazz is NOT playing any note with any chord. any note played with any chord can be explained. even if it is inexplicable, it just sounds good, which is what's really important.

the cool thing about jazz is that you learn all the rules and guidelines which apply to all the other genres...then you get to break them.

giant steps, though confusing and ultimately dissonant, is a jazz standard.


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