What is J-diddles?


a cross between jack squat & diddly squat meaning nothing.

Friend: What you up to later?

Me: J-diddles, will pass through in a bit.

See diddly squat, jack shit, jack squat, nada, nothin, nothing, zilch


Doing the "j-diddles" means a person is drooling over the sight of a huge man arse,

while at the same time emitting a high pitched drone that resembles the sound of hitting a baby with a bag of cats.

Jeff: Hey does it sound like someone is in the middle of a j-diddles ?

Vinny: Ya , theres a mouldy twat over there salivating at sumo wrestling diaper bloopers.

Jeff: Ahhhh flip it down ! thats mank !

See ass, bent, sumo, arse, riddles, diddles


the art of performing a rusty trumpet while being extremely gullable. may result in a cut lip

michael: i was practising trumpet last night

vinny: you mean you were j-diddles?

machael: ... yes

See gullable, rusty trumpet, cut, lip, practice


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