Jeffery Dahmer

What is Jeffery Dahmer?


An infamous serial killer who killed, stored, and even ate 17 young males, most of which were African Americans that he picked up in gay bars. In 1991, Milwaukee Police found whatever was left of Dahmer's vicitims in his apartment number 213. He was convicted and sentenced to 936 years in prison but was beaten to death by another inmate in 1994. He has been the subject of many sick jokes.

What did Jeffery Dahmer say to Lorena Bobbit?

Are you going to eat that

{At dinner with his mother}

Mother: Jeffery, I don't like your friends.

Jeffery: Then just eat the vegetables ma

Jeffery Dahmer has his own BBQ right next to Michael Jackson's day care.


Is appearing on the new alkaline trio album.knows how to rock.

GODDAMNIT! jeffery dahmer just ate our drummer!

Hey jeff?, do ya know how to rock?

Buy the new alkaline trio album..featuring Jeffery Dahmer on drums.


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