What is Jewth?


A Jewish young person. Taken from the words Jew and Youth.

The Jewth of today has no respect for their elders.

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1. When a person with a lisp (lifp) says the word JUICE, in a context which relates to the consumption of an alcoholic beverage.

2. The worst possible sequential number.

1. "YO GUYYYYY! you wanna jewth thith thaturday?"

"No, you're gay."

2. "Hey what place did you come in?"

"fuck man, i came jewth."

"THAT SUCKS! go die."

See juice, last, worst, gay, lol.


A Jewish persons tooth. Not accepted by a normal tooth fairyfor the simple fact that if she stopped to pick up every jewth, she would never finish a night’s work with constant, yet endless haggling by little Jewish kids who weren’t happy with the amount of money she left them under the pillow.

Feivel "Man, my mouth hurts"

Joosef "My dads a dentist, its probably just a minor jewth ache from all the free ice cream we just ate."

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