What is Jiggalo?


a man who rides a lot, or F8ucks alot of women a lot of the time

i am the baddest jiggalo y'all will ever meet

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A man who f!£$% a lot of women at the same time often quite frequently

1ST PERSON: man look how many girls there are in that dude's car

2ND PERSON: yeh he must be a real jiggalo

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jiggalo is a man whore!

lulu- ur such a jiggalo u gay faggot

jiggalo- i no that

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A jiggalo is a man , usually very attractive, who has sex with old, and/or lonely women who cannot find any other man to f@#k them!!!

Duece Bigalo Is A Diiirty Male jiggalo

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A slut with very big, fake boobs

Look at that F$#@in' Jiggalo over there!

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