What is Jobbin'?


a male who is really bored while at the computer and feels the urge to masterbate, and then discuss it later to his friends

dude i was chillen at home last night on the comp, and i was so bored i just started jobbin' it bra

See jerk off, jack off, rub one out, choke the chicken, handjob


"jobbin'" is the act of giving a rim job. It can also be used when referring to someone who is being a tool or sucking at life. Proper usage is similar to that of the term "chillin".

"Maya was really jobbin' when she was on the floor with her pants down and her head in the toilet on new year's."

"Did you see Nick throw up on that girl's couch, then on her sliding door and then on her kitchen floor? I can't believe we left him passed out in the snow in her backyard, he was alone just jobbin' with puke all over him."

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