What is Junglee?


An exclusive group of fine young women at Rutgers Newark that have monkey-like behavior. Their random acts of sillyness, jumping around in conference rooms, naming boys with silly names such as "whammi" or "topi waala" or "hairy monster", and having a monkey like hairiness to them which make them extremely unique, and their very random shreiking and making fools of themselves around the male sex (possibly mating behavior?). However, in some wierd way, they are considered extremely attractive amongst many young men and are highly in demand within the "whammi" community.

DAMN!! did you see those Junglees?!?! They're jumping around that conference room and dancing as they scratch their armpits like a buncha monkeys!! Theyre so HOT!! I wanna marry one!!!

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A word used in Hindi to describe a person with no manners, or respect.

What a junglee that guy is.

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