K Hole

What is K Hole?


To have used to much of the drug ketamine (special K) and lost sense of time and space, balance, verbal skills.

It took Dave 10 minutes to walk up the steps he was in such a K hole.

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a place somewhere in between being conscious and unconscious induced by ketamine intoxication.

when the walls fall down and your living room becomes a glorious theater with perfect lighting. automatically being taken through the room out of your body

an out of body experience

I hope this puts me in a k hole, i would like to be flown through the ceiling into another room, preferably with a laser blue conveyor belt.


a feeling of near paralysis; not being able to function properly because of overuse of the drug ketamine.

<man 1> that guy has been laying on the ground, drooling on himself, and staring at the sky for at least a half hour whats his deal?

<man 2> he's stuck in a k-hole fool!


Only noobs think that k holing is overdosing on ketamine when in actual fact, people with experience know that its the best bit.

Yesmate, you get the film and projector while I'll make lines - for the ultimate k hole cinema :D

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refers to the feeling produced by ingesting a significant amount of the drug ketamine. One seems to be looking out from a large hole, something similar to tunnel vision.(But much more interesting)

Woosh.........(20 min later)....I just scaled the walls of a huge k hole!!!!

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To have a "bad trip" while on ketamine (aka Special K). The feeling has been described as horrific by many who have succumbed to this hallucinatory state of disorientation and confusion in which one may be stricken with feelings of extreme anxiety and paralysis, similar to having fallen down a well.

When I fell into that k hole, I felt like I was about to die for what seemed like an eternity, then a few seconds went by and I was fine.

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Doing too much Ketamine (Special K). Very unpleasant.

"Don't do too much K nigga, or you'll slip into a K hole."


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