What is Kewg?


to kewg-verb- a delicate, specific and somewhat disgusting love-making process. First, the man must insert his penis into a woman's vagina whilst she is mensturating. Once he has "ejaculated" the woman removes herself from the man's penis, and strattles his face. The man then punches her in the uturus (from the outside) so that a stream of vaginal juices, menstural blood and his own semen flows onto his face. Repeat as necessary.

variations - Jewg - to jewg - all participating parites must be members of the Jewish faith and the man punches the woman in the uturus with a star of David.

this has never, to anyone's knowledge, been successfully practiced in the realm of man's natural existence. It probably never should be. It was invented when the world "kewg" was spelled during a rousing game of phoenetic scrabble. It sounded gross, so we made up a definition for it.


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