What is Kick-do'?


A Kick-Do' is a word that describes an altercation in which you plan to kick down the door and enter someone's home. The purpose of a Kick-Do' is usually to rob and/or harm the resident, burglary, steal and vandalize property, or to take refuge.

A Kick-Do' typically occurs at night, but can strike at anytime, esspecially when least expected.

Normally 2 or more men perpatrate a Kick-Do', however women and

Solo-Acts have been known to occur.

"That fool ain't home! Let's pull a Kick-Do' and clean out his whole house!"

"We did this Kick-Do' and robbed some ballers! We just busted down the door and took their shit! It happened so fast there was nothin they could do!"

"It looks like bums Kick-Do'ed that abondoned house next door! Now they're living in it!"

See robbery, burglary, breaking and entering, stealing


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