What is Kidulthood?


An age between child and adulthood - When you are a teenager but still enjoy immature behaviour when around your friends. Also used as title of the famous UK movie.

Teenagers who are stil immature are in Kidulthood

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A film set in west London about the day in the lives of three secondary school rudeboys. Has successfully made everyone outside of London think that the city is a complete and utter ghetto, and upon setting one foot inside its borders will result in an instant mugging. Has also taught some of the suburban kids in the rest of the UK some useful ghetto words (though are humorously inaccurate to the genuine urban London lifestyle, i.e. getting "banged up" means getting sent to prison, not being beaten up. The correct phrase is "banged out.")

An embaressment of a film in its glaring inaccuracy and dramatic license, though does in some way glamourise the miserable grind of life for teenagers living the low life in the impoverished urban sectors of London, which I guess is a good thing.

Also boosts the image of "white boys" in the urbanscene, because "the one what robs the off license, he's quite hard, innit." Oh, the ghastly mortification of it all.

Suburban rich kid: "Hey blud man, I saw Kidulthood today. Safe blud innit brrrrap! You get me bruv!!!"

Urban council estate boy: "If we weren't in your home village of Andover, I would murder you."

Suburban rich kid: "Hey lets rob those kids for their gameboy, like Sam does in Kidulthood. Our daddies could easily afford 10 of them if we all but asked, but it'll make us look cool if we steal one."

Suburban rich kid: "Yes! and lets use really ghetto words too. It'll make us feel big inside."

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