What is Killfile?


a list of addresses or names on a computerised mail system, particularly on usenet. when a mail (or post) is recieved and the sender is on the list the mail is automatically deleted or 'killed'. for a laf see the google on the killfile fairy.

"I have never felt quite so creeped out by a person, either virtual or real. People have been correctly pinning his obsessive and vindicative nature for along time. I just thought it was regular flame fodder - grist for the mill. But I was wrong. Oh, was I wrong.

In light of the recent phone threats I received today. I am imposing a black ban on no need to get personal. He is certifiably obsessed to the point of harassment and I ask that people maintain an effective wall of silence,

or similarity killfile the weasel."

See gan


1) A database script designed to disconnect an unwanted user from an IRC network.

2) A list of controls designed to filter unwanted junk mail to the trash.

Goodbye butt monkey, welcome to my killfile!


A utility which Blocks Emails etc

She's ignoring me? Right Killfile her.


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