What is King Of The Douchebags?


(1) A person who acts like a complete irresponsible moron one night (such as getting blasted drunk, gambling away a couple mortgage payments, dancing half naked on a bar) and, the next morning, annoints himself as such.

Someone else cannot annoint a King, subject to a rare exception.

(2) An exception to the self-annointment rule occurs when someone is an absolute total douche bag, and calling him such simply won't suffice.

(1) Q: So Mike, what did you do last night?

A: Oh, you didn't hear? I got hammered and spit food all over Mothers bakery. Then I went to the Casino, was up three thousand, but lost it all and another three thousand. I was King of the Douchebags.

(2) Kevin: Man, that guy with the sunglasses and diamond earrings is a total douche bag.

Mike: No, he's KING of the Douchebags.

See douche, douchebag, douche bag, idiot, moron, wannabe


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