Knuckle Hugger

What is Knuckle Hugger?


Slang for a tight men’s swimsuit that proudly displays a man’s genitalia without modesty. Such skimpy suits are often worn by competitive swimmers, gay men, professional body builders and European men. The name, knuckle hugger, comes from the form fitting design of the garment which “hugs” the knuckle and leaves very little to the imagination of onlookers. The connotation of the term emphasizes the brazen immodesty or humor associated with wearing a skin tight bathing suit in public.

Stacey always attends the high school swim meets with Jen. They love to ogle their classmates scantily clad in nothing but knuckle huggers.

Ted was embarrassed to walk out of the locker room wearing his knuckle huggers.

I can’t believe he is wearing those knuckle huggers! Oh wait, didn’t you say he was from Italy? I think that is normal for them.

That bathing suit is too tight! I can totally see your knuckle. It’s a real knuckle hugger.

See speedo, slip, brief, knuckle


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