What is Konstfack?



The old and most know meaning of this word and the school it is the Swedish center of Arts, Craft and Design with the old motto: "Insight and diligence".

The new meaning of this word and what the school symbolize today is destructive and/or destruction.

This change since some students, with the consent of the school management, destroyed a subway train and also attacked police, nurses, psychiatrists etc in an attempt to "show the ugly face of the psychiatry" - which does not really exist anymore...

(Apparently the student attacking the psychiatry had a history with it.)

When the school has been criticized the answer is categorically "you do not understand art" or "you are uneducated".

"Let's make a konstfack"

Meening let's make art out destruction:


Destroy something and call it art.

"fack" is pronounced "fuck".

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