What is Kosh?


OKor fine. The word is shortened from kosher, a word meaning blessed by a rabbi. If something is kosher, it's acceptable, and kosh is simply short for kosher.

Adrian: Meet me in the field at 8, a'ight?

Jim: Kosh.

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To be deliberately obscure or cryptic when telling a person something or answering a question. Origin: Kosh is the name of an alien on the science-fiction series Babylon 5. His speech was as described previously. The term has been used in the past by people on the internet familiar with the show.

"Stop koshing the question!"

"Just quit koshing it and just give me a straight answer!"


British English slang. It means to mug someone.

The boys needed beer money, so they koshed an Irishman on his way to the bar.


Black English - Quality

"This Weed Is Kosh."

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short for kosher.

1. as in kosher (jewish) foods. need to be prepared specialy. strict and picky in general. so it means someone who is really picky about foods and asks lots of questions to the waiters and such

2. high class, picky.

1. "my date wanted to know everything that was in the pasta sauce. then he asked to have 2 icecubes in his water. it was so embarassing. i was like 'stop being so godamn kosh'"

2. "so i walked in there all kosh and asked to see all the pink phones they had"

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A guy that is very good looking!

God damn, Joe is a kosh!


Its all good, everythings fine ect.

Bob: Hey how are you?

Pete: Its all kosh,


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