What is Lensman?


The newest and latest scourge of the internet, first discovered and popularized by SE++; a sassy and hip new goatse for the goatse fan in all of us!

I opened the private message from boddahexpecting to see a funny and witty phrase or two, and then I saw that I was lensman'd!

See 150cc


Better than goatse. The camera man got just the right angle for this one.

Origins: the Forumer know as Ferreousfrom the Penny Arcade Forums, linked Bergy, and then Bergy pm'd it to boddah, and the rest is history. Lensman history.

I lensman'd that ma'fucka.

See Bergy


The newest horror from the bowels of human perversity, this picture is the D'Artagnan of the Three Grossketeers: Goatse, Tubgirl, and Harlequinfetus.

Origins in Penny Arcade, and by all that is good we hope it stays in there.

I love the smell of lensman in the morning.


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