What is Leroy?


A one man army moment, charging in against all odds because the other players taking the damn thing too seriously.

Usually used in MMORPG's, such as World of Warcraft

"Ok we need a bunch of casters to weaken the guys, we need support troops. Can you do a bit of number crunching here, give as a survval chance?"

"LEEEEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY!!!" <---this is when the one-man charge, or "leroy moment" happens

"OK, he just ran in there... come on, help him!"


the john doe of negros

look at leroy sitting on his porch

See Jimbo


1. a universal name for all blacks.<when name is known or unknown>

2. used in alternative to the word nigger.

3. used to greet one and other in a group of friends

4. what you call someone when they've an action of something that someone of a low IQ would do, aka A Leroy.

1. hey look that Leroy, he just tried to steal your dvd!

2. these damn Leroys needa learn how to behave in public, this aint the jungle anymore.

3. "whats up Leroy", "nothing much BigTyrone".<this is normal for some, but a code/nickname for others>

4. damn you Leroy you just keep messing up on organizing these papers!

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leroy is the much desired sex god , who has the ability to make everyone want him. the sexiest niggah in your group

1.leroy my sexy brother is something you would call him.

2. everyone: sexy leroy on three

leroy: no no , cameron , zac , NO , no sexy leroy.

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A nickname given (by his very grateful female partner :)) to any man with a very long and thick penis (from the general perception that black men in general are more "well endowed" than their counterparts from other races).

The name "Leroy" being more common a name amongst African-American males than of any other race.

Emma: "(*sigh!*) OMG! I sorta always had the feeling

that you've got a big dick, but I never dreamed..... OMG!!!

Think we're gonna have to start calling you Leroy from now on mister!" (*sigh!!*)

Rob: "Yesssss.....!"

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Lovers Enjoy Rolling On Yankies(;

Those people are such Leroys!

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Street name for an infamous Drug Lord turned Bookie in Sicklerville, NJ. Setting up shop in the notorious Revere Run Housing Project, customers could easily identify his shop by the missing dore knob on his front door. Leroy was known for throwing massive parties at his residence. These parties were known to have drugs, alcohol, gambling and numerous sessions of group sex, involving 1 girl and an unlimited amount of guys participating. These were refered to as "Swoolies". Leroy was givin unlimited amounts of street credibility during an altercation involving 2 well known loan sharks in New Jersey. Leroy was questioned at Bow Point (a large bow and arrow pointed at him) and was threatened to be shot unless he cooperated. Leroy refused to cooperate, resulting in him taking over even more business. Legend has it, that Leroy harbored a 13 year old runaway for months, leading the 2 to become a couple. Its been said that Leroy has an extensive criminal record under numerous facticious names and addresses.

Yo go see Leroy in Reefer Run. Tell him you know me and he will hook you up with whatever you need.

See sicklerville


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