What is Libertine?


1:(Noun)A person with low or no moral values

2:(Noun)A freethinker

3:(adj)Moraly unrestrained

1:Due to his promiscuous behaviour, David was concidered a Libertine


nounOne who acts without moral restraint; a dissolute person. One who defies established religious precepts; a freethinker. adjectiveMorally unrestrained; dissolute.

A libertine is a person who has so much love and self-awareness and lust for life ,that his thinking goes beyond the scope of general morality or mainstream idea

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Often meant in a negitive way. A libertine is someone who ignores and spurns religious norms, accepted morals, and who often indulges in taboo acts. See hedonism.

The Marquis de Sade is often reffered to an an libertine.

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To be a Hislopthat is more party orientated

This can also be used in reference to being a Hislop

kid1: Man, that Hislop got game

kid2: Dude, she's a Libertine

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1:(Noun)A person with low or no moral values

2:(Noun)A freethinker

3:(adj)Moraly unrestrained

4:(Noun) A girl whom we shall call Moby Galindo

also can be spelled LIBERTEEN when talking about crazy young girls. see definition 4.

Moby the libertine enjoys fishing, playing tennis, and jump-roping in her free time. Some call her a whore...but others use this term with affection. But currently her steam is for one person....and that is me...and you know you are jealous of me....i love her with all of my heart and we both know she deserves the title of libertine.

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Derived from the Middle English 'libertyn' meaning 'freedman,' which came from the Latin root 'liber,' which means 'liberty.' Libertine was a derogatory term which referred to someone who was a free-thinker or non-believer. Until the 19th Century, atheists or agnostics were considered beyond the pale of reasonable or civilized people. The term was extended to describe people who lacked moral self-restraint. Being a libertine was associated with living as an animal or an uncivilized person. John Stuart Mill's dictum, "Better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied; better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied" applies as a condemnation of the libertine.

Many contemporary libertarians miss crucial moral distinctions and have fallen into perverting the Liberty Principle into a "Libertine Principle." Contemporary liberals (social democrats and socialists, not classical liberals) have fallen into the same moral nihilism falsely believing that they are defending liberty when they place atheism, sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, and illicit drug use on par with traditional morality and religious belief.

Fool: I am a libertarian. I smoke dope, watch pornography, and have sex with anything not nailed down. I love liberty as did the Founding Fathers.

Person with common sense: You are not a libertarian or a liberal, you are a libertine.

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Word used to describe an invented 'lifestyle choice' (utilized in large part by people ill-equipped to handle normal human relationships) to justify habits of promiscuity.

The man whores around but says it's because he's a 'libertine.'

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