Lil Kim

What is Lil Kim?


Someone who once looked good before all these plastic surgeries and shit.

female Michael Jackson


The Queen of Rap

A female rapper who has had a #1 Hit without a video (ie. Magic Stick)

A Grammy award winner, #1 female rapper who has changed the way females rap, and men also. The Queen of the King of Rap, The Notorious BIG!

See Brian


she's a good rapper at 1st she was pretty. but now she's like a female version of JackO.

boy #1: is that Michael Jackson

boy #2: na` that`s LiL Kim


a hoe who loves effing with her nose.

i used to think lil kim was the shit, til the bitch started effing with her nose.

See rappa


The Baddest Bitch In Hip Hop

Every Body wants to be her, that's why they hate on her


1)Female rapper who is more perverted than males

2)Person who believes thier being hated on because she is a slutty tramp

3)Buy one get some for free

1)Watch how i make a sprite bottle disappear in my moutt (come on)

2)"why yall hatin just cause i can fuck your man"

3)man: hey lil kim should i buy your cd?

kim: well i could give you a free sample hint hint


1. (to have Kimmed Out) To have copious amounts of surgery and make yourself look like some sort of Barbie. (not even a black Barbie, just Barbie) See also Michael Jackson

2. (to be a Lil' Kim) To use your image or your "looks" or maybe your overexposed breasts to shock and hopefully sell records, and either overshadow any talent you have or make people forget that you don't actually have any talent in the slightest. See also Ciara, Ashanti, Christina Milian, Foxy Brown, Trina, Pussycat Dolls etc. etc.

1. I used to think that girl was fine. That was before she Kimmed Out though.

2. You like that girl's music? She's a pure Lil Kim! Fuckin' hoe!

See ciara, ashanti, foxy brown, trina, pussycat dolls


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