What is Lmto?


Laughing my taint off. Variation of laughing my ass off.

Your clever IMcomeback was so funny it had me LMTO.

See lmao, lmbo, lol, taint, laugh


the act of laughing so hard your tit falls off

damnnn, look at that she really ment it when she said "lmto"

See lmto, laughing, my, tit, off


Laughing my tail off, the furry variation to LMAO

<Nite> My processor's a bloody 255 MHz cyrix :P

<Chris> lmto


laughing my tacos off

That was so funny it made me lmto.

See laugh, taco, food, funny


The female counter to LMAO (laugh my ass off),Only to be used on the internet which means laugh my Tits off..It was made up by a girl name shakira from brooklyn.

AOL person 1: Im sayin unny stuff

AoL person 2: LMTO


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