What is Lolacaust?


It's so funny it's a veritable lolacaust. Like, Hitler killed thousands of people because of this joke. This is the best joke ever.

Oh my fucking god, that's the funniest thing I've ever heard! It's a lolacaust!


A lolacaust is the laugh after a joke that is REALLY bad/sick/insulting/harsh but funny. Like dead baby jokes and floppy massacres and things.

If a woman attacks you, kick her in the womb and hopes shes pregnant. LOLacaust!

what happens to a baby in a microwave?

i dont know, i was too busy wanking.


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The laugh that killed 6 million jews

Man: ... so i said to the waitor, get me out of this wet clothes and into a dry martini!

Jews: *flop*

Man: OH NO! all 6 million of my jewish friends just died! The lolacaust has started!

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A synonym of "LOL" (laugh-out-loud) that funny to the extent that the Holocaust was terrible.

So, in effect, terribly funny. You can't stop laughing, it hurts.

Over MSN messenger or AIM:

"*insert joke*"


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The period in time when millions of lol's were brutily murderd by litler

a lolacaust is when millions of lol's were killed by litler ive just said

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