Look Up

What is Look Up?


What it usualy says before a search box on a dictionary website (on the other side from the search button)

look up and you'll see "Look up" i.e., it's at teh top of this page...



1)Somthing you look up in Urban Dictionary when your uncreative brain isn't able to figure out a better definition to look up. As "look up" is written next to the look-up-box.

2) Something you did a few seconds ago,of course after giving this definition a thumb up.

antonym: look down

"I just looked up the term "look up"

See search, ud, boring, whatever, i don't care


To search online, in a book, magazine, dictionary, encyclopedia, other writing work, for an answer or other need

I will look up this fucking word now:

Strong Bad


i am good and fun

i look up and a bird shits on my face


to look up

dude look up i c crap


to look up as in to look into the sky retard.

y dont u look up u son of a bitchu can also LOOK taht word UP.

See look up


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