Lovely Jubbly

What is Lovely Jubbly?


Excellent. As popularised by 'Only Fools And Horses', a sitcom watched by over 30m Britons at its peak. Used when a person hear's pleasing news, or gets a storke of good luck.

Lovely jubbly!


Made famous by 'Del Boy' the main character from long running English sitcom 'Only Fools And Horses' Lovely Jubbly refers to good news or something good that has happened.

"Turkeys ready everyone"

"Lovely Jubbly"

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also used by my boss after completing a task such as bed making in the hospital after making a patient's bed ( my boss is a nurse and so am I

oh, lovely jubbly , that was a job well done!

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noun: the breastson a female, usually pertaining to a BB cup or larger (DD cup preferred) especially during jiggling motions which display bounce. Most wonderful in their prime during involving any act with baby oil.

George W Beaver: "Man check out those cans on that biatch!"

Osama Jizz-Laden: "Yes son, they are a great pair of lovely jubbly's".

George W Beaver: "Word, it would be a righteous honour to engulf my face in her lovely jubbly and the spray my love juice all over them."

Osama Jizz-Laden: "Woooooord".

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