What is L2p?


Learn to play. Said to someone who obviously doesn't know how to play their class in a mmorpg.

"Omg you aggroed the entire room nub, l2p.

See learn2play, wow, ffxi, mmorpg, noob, nub, class


Learn to play, most commonly used by people who spend their whole lives on mmorpg's.

/2 {Nubcake}: WTS{Seal of Sylvanus}

/2 {lvl 70 nerd}:rofl omg l2p nub thats BoP. Go level /slap.

See l2p, wow, mmorpg, world of warcraft


Learn to play. Phrase can be used in almost any situation, with the ability to be said at anyone who has just done something stupid.

"Oh my God, Sam! You spilt the Coke everywhere! L2P!"

See learn, to, play, noob, nubcake, get, with, it


Learn to play. Can be used in real-life as well in any situation.

"Federalist just owned your face? He didn't take any damage? L2P, NOOB."

"You just spilt milk everywhere, and now you're crying about it? L2P, NOOB."

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