What is Lumberjacking?


Two naked, erect men stand facing each other with their penises touching, head to head. Both men grab the unified boners with both hands, put the fists together, and move them back and forth as a single unit as if sawing down a tree with a two-person saw.

Man, I think Dave gave me a rash from too much lumberjacking last night. We should have used more maple syrup...

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When a guy (or girl) hooks up with another girl and swaps his dip in her mouth.

'You can keep some of that skoal, baby, cause we're Lumberjacking'

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Launching your snot out of one nostril while pressing shut the other nostril with your pointer finger. "Typically" performed outside and aimed towards the ground!

After I was lumberjacking near the sideline, my nose was clear enough to breath again. So then I returned to the hockey game.

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Having sex with your aunt while she is dressed as a lumberjack

I started lumberjacking my Aunt Mildred from the age of 16. It's probably when my problems started

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the process of jerking off with both your left and right hands.

Your regular guy; "Man last night I was masturbating!"

A cool cat; "Oh yea? Last night I was Lumberjacking and I've never felt so ambidextrous!"

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Waking up early enough for breakfast

Preferrably after listening to the morning edition of boner jams

Ahh shit i want to go lumberjacking it tomorow, but im pretty sure i will be hungover in the morning

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The act of taking people's discarded christmas trees from the curb in front of their house and leaning the tree against their front door, so when they open he door the tree falls on them.

Lets go lumberjacking tonight there are lots of trees out.

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