What is Manion?


n. a man companion who you have not DTR'd as a boyfriend. Not to be confused with manpanion.

Andy: So are you going out with your boyfriend tonight?

Amy: He isn't my boyfriend. He is just my manion.

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to pass out with an open beverage in your hand and proceed to spill it all over yourself.

Greg was really fucked up last night and pulled a manion.

See drunk, stoned, passed out, fucked up, wasted


1. A disgusting, vile creature capable and willing to perform sexual intercourse on any orifice small enough to provide friction for a notoriously small penis. Can be used as a verb or a noun.

2. An extreme case of acne. Individuals with Manion Acne are typically reviled by God and should be avoided; exposure to pus excreted from the acne of these individuals can cause syphilis, contamination of the soul, impotence, and blindness.

3. A foul smelling creature.

1. n. Wow, I can't believe that guy fucked a dead possum...I mean, really, what a manion!

v. Did you hear Billy's going to prison? Apparently he manioned his 8 year old sister.

2. Stay away from Mike, he's got bad case of manion.

3. Jesus, I bet you could smell that manion from outer space.

See gross, aids, leper, molester, thief


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