Manolo Blahnik

What is Manolo Blahnik?


Spanish shoe designer who soared to popularity after the debut of Sex and the City, but has soled the feet of the wealthy for decades prior. His name is commonly mentioned in rap lyrics and glorified by the culture of excess, and he is accredited with pioneering the infamous Timberland stiletto boot craze. His handmade, expensive shoes bearing his name are largely considered the eptiome of luxury and chic by the fashion cognoscenti. The shoes themselves can also be referred to as "Manolos" or "Blahniks" for short.

Those Blahniks are fierce, girl.


A shoe designer who became extremly popular after Sex and the City aired in June of 1998. Often shorten to "Manolos" and sometimes confused with Milano (cookies from Pepperidge Farm) to those who don't know much about fashion.

I love your ankle-strap stilletos, are they Manolos?


ManolO................Stupid. Brilliant Italian Designer made famous in the 60s and 70s. Now has been recognized again for the Timbaland inspired boots and cute ,sassy,classy,traditional Mary Janes.

Damn, those Chelsea stilettos are so cute. Are those Manolo?


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