What is Manshower?


A baby shower thrown in honor of a dad-to-be. Also called a mower (pronounced "mao-wer"), the manshower will usually involve a round of golf or some other athletic activity with just the fellas, as a sort-of last outing with the dad-to-be before he has to reprioritize (and rightfully so) his free time in order to accommodate his growing family's many needs. To qualify as a true mower, the athletic activity must be followed by a post-activity meal consisting of beef and beer.

Jack: "Dude, are you going to Kur's baby's shower?"

Drew: "No, man, I don't do finger foods, and baby games, and gift exchanges."

Jack: "My bad, I meant are you going to Kur's manshower?"

Drew: "Why didn't you say so? When's the tee time?"

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