What is Middkid?


any student or alumnus of middlebury college, the elite liberal arts college in vermont; a catchy nickname passed down from generations of alumni, which illustrates the deep-felt traditions and connection of the college; anyone that embodies the middlebury persona

'he/she is SUCH a middkid'

See preppy, middlebury


A total darrel who plays quidditch and enjoys chatting about how great the substance free parties at Middlebury are. These kids are basically the kids nobody talked to in highschool. Unfortunately they have all congregated in the remote town of middlebury.

I played quidditch yesterday with a broom up my ass, and it was awesome and some guy called me a Middkid.

See middlebury, quidditch, darrel, fag, gay


Used by unoriginal JCrew-wearing Middlebury College Students to refer to themselves. In conjunction with "Club Midd" to describe their campus. Its use denotes a wealthy clone who will spend four years drinking and faking a personality.

You know, when you Jcrew and dumb down your speech, you can REALLY pass for a Middkid!


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